Exciting and Delicious Organic Baby Food to Foster Adventurous Eaters.

Baby food pouches made from 100% natural, certified organic, and nutrient-rich, ingredients that work to expand your baby’s palate at an early age.

Check Out the Latest Flavors from the Kekoa Kitchen

We’ve added 4 new baby pouch recipes full of healthy and clean ingredients and flavors your baby will love.

Why Organic Baby Food Made by Kekoa Foods

The science behind the nutritional needs of an infant during the earliest
stages of their development demand better baby food. So we set out to make it.

Learn About Our Nutrient-Dense Organic Baby Pouch Ingredients

Made up of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, roots and legumes from around the world. Take your palate for trip around the globe with our worldly inspired ingredients thoughtfully selected for adventurous babies like yours.

Niece loves Kekoa for her son.

I bought Kekoa for my niece to give to her son. She had this to say about it... "From the moment we opened the package we could tell this was a high-quality product, and one we could trust with minimal ingredients. Which, unfortunately, is not the case for a majority of baby food out there. I loved that this product takes the guess work out of 'What is my baby actually eating?' which is a 24/7 concern for us new parents. The apple & ginger was my sons favorite! And Momma secretly finished some of the beets, fennel & kale pouch because it was just THAT good (and mom’s gotta get her veggies in somehow too!!)."

Bought it for the kids but ended up eating it myself.

I tried Kekoa because I like the idea of introducing my kids to tasty flavors like ginger, before they're ready to eat "adult food". I love ginger myself and thought it would be a cool way to get the kids use to the taste early. When it arrived, I sampled it out of curiosity and found it to be delicious. And it's just the right level of ginger too. I eat apple sauce all the time and was shocked to discover that Kekoa's better than my usual Mott's! May have to order a separate box for the kids!

My 2-year-old loved these!

I would highly recommend Kekoa Foods baby food. My two-year-old son can be a picky eater, and he loved these. They have excellent ingredients; with spices and
vegetables he's not necessarily eating otherwise. I was very happy that these are all incorporated in a yummy way! Love finding new ways to expand his palate.

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