Nourishing Little Ones, Embracing Inclusivity, Celebrating Diversity, and Giving Back

Kekoa Foods is all about good food that brings happiness and health to infants and toddlers from all walks of life. Our mission? It’s to produce the most nutritious and innovative culinary creations that nourish babies to encourage adventurous taste buds. We're proud to offer organic, non-GMO, and preservative-free products for families of all shapes and sizes.

Our Products: Wholesome, Nutritious, and Adventurous


We begin by picking the most wholesome, nutritious, and organic baby food ingredients. Then they’re cooked in small batches to make sure they're top-notch in taste and quality. By adding unique herbs, roots, and spices that you don't usually find in other baby foods, skipping sugars and salt, we've cooked up some truly nourishing recipes babies love. Our biggest goal? To help your little ones develop adventurous taste buds, expanding their palates to set them up for a lifetime of healthy and inspired eating.

Our Inclusive Parenting Philosophy:


Celebrating All Families - We are for every kind of family out there. As a two-dad family ourselves, we know how important it is to respect and celebrate each family's unique story—whether it's two dads, two moms, single parents, grandparents, breast feeders, non-breast feeders, non-binary parents, or anything in between. We're here to spread love, support, and nutritious baby food to go with everyone's journey. We're all about creating a community that lifts up and celebrates the amazing diversity of families, making everyone feel welcome and understood.

Giving Back


We're proud to promote healthy eating habits and give back to our community.

Kekoa Foods has been nominated for the NJBIZ Business of the Year Award, and we've joined nutrition panels with incredible partner organizations like the YMCA and Caresparc Community Connections in Newark, NJ. Plus, we donated 12,000 pouches to our friends at Summit, NJ's GRACE—just another way we're committed to making healthy food accessible for everyone!

Kekoa Foods is dedicated to giving your little ones a healthy start while embracing the beauty of all families. We stand by our values, and we can't wait to share our delicious, nutritious, and inclusive baby food products with you!