The Kekoa Story

Our son, Kekoa, was born 8 weeks prematurely in Honolulu, HI. The time he spent in the NICU quickly revealed his fighting spirit and made clear to us the level of care we would need to provide. We researched ingredients, consulted with experts, and delved into the latest scientific research to create our meals. We found that not only did our son love the eclectic mix of vegetables, herbs, spices, and flavors, but other children did too. This experience brought to light the unmet need and opportunity in the marketplace. So as fate would have it, the catalyst for Kekoa Foods was in fact Kekoa himself. We believe that infants are like blank canvases, open to new experiences, and that everyone should have access to worldly taste, flavors, nutrients, and ingredients, especially during their developmental months.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate families about a variety of real foods, veggie-rich recipes accented with herbs and spices, making them readily available to anyone who wishes to broaden their experience and expand their palates. From infancy into the future, we want to introduce this nutritive adventure to everyone so that they may learn to seize every opportunity life has to offer – beginning with food.